Becoming Better at Bluffing Online in Poker

Bluffing while playing online poker is not only something you should learn, it is a must in order to start scooping the monster pots. You simply can not wait around for the best hands each round or you are going to be eaten alive by the blinds and by people raising with the best hands. Here are some ways you can get accustomed to bluffing each round.

Bluffing for the Blinds
Here is an easy way to get into the practice of bluffing while not risking your stack to do so. The key here is to watch for the weaker players who are always checking and folding their blinds, then when you are in a hand with them, raise up the pot big enough that they will fold. You won't win a fortune doing this but you get to get in the practice of bluffing and you will basically be getting your blinds for free that round. Do not over use this technique because people will get smart and simply call your bluff if they suspect you have nothing. The best way to do this is every few rounds so it looks less suspicious.

Bluffing with the River
Now that you have some bluffing skill under your belt, it is time to take things to the next level. Bluffing on the river can be easy and reward you with huge pots if you time things out correctly. The key here is waiting until you are isolated against a weaker player, then wait to see if the river card makes the flush, straight, or full house. The weaker player will check if that hand beats them, so you load up and bet big. The weaker player will assume you made your hand on the river and sucked out.